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Elms Bedford

Elms Bedford BMW
Clifton Parc
Caxton Road
MK41 0GL
Tel:0844 326 7246

Welcome to Elms Bedford.
As an Authorised BMW Dealer for areas including Bedford, Ampthill, Great Denham, Wootton, Kingston, Woburn, Olney Oakley, Biggleswade and Cranfield, we pride ourselves on being a totally customer centric organisation. We look forward to welcoming you into our dealership soon.


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40 ratings
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"Great sales team, fantastic experience"

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138 ratings
61 with comments

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"The service was very good."

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Current Offers

Current Offers

View our latest summer offers at Elms Bedford, with fantastic savings across the BMW range.

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Find out more about the fantastic low deposit and low monthly payment options available.
Servicing offers or new models? We want to keep you up to date at Elms Bedford.
BMW 7 Series
Fixed price servicing from BMW. Click here to find out more.
Motability at Elms Bedford BMW
We are proud to be a Premier Motability Partner. Click here for our latest offers.